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Private car

   1. Turn Right onto Highway 4 (Old Highway) passing through the Kra Buri district, Muang Ranong district of Ranong province, then Kapur district, Sooksumran sub-district, Kuraburi district, Takuapa district, Thai muang district of Phang Nga province, and cross Thep Kasatri Bridge (Sarasin Bridge) to Phuket Province, the total distance of 862 km (Note: This way is windy, along the mountainside, and not suitable for night-time travel. However, it passes through many tourist attractions such as beaches and national parks. There will be many signposts on the way.
   2. Highway No. 41 through Sawi district, Thung Tako district, Lang Lang Suan district, Chang district, Chaiya district, and Poon Pin district, then turn right onto Highway 401 and keep straight ahead until T-intersection at Kao Panom district. Turn left onto Highway 415 straight ahead until T-intersection to turn into Thap Put district. Take Highway 4144 until the T-intersection, there will be signboard to turn left into Phuket (thai-tour.com recommends this route although the distance is longer than the first one, it is much more convenient because it is less windy and the roads are four-lane until Chaiya district).



- The public bus company has regular buses and air-condition buses leaving from Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok to Phuket Daily. Call for details at 02 894 6122. For booking Tel. 02 422 4444 or www.transport.co.th

- Private bus company. Please contact Phuket Central Tour. Bangkok branch Tel. 0 2434 3233 and Phuket branchTel. 0 76213615, 0 7621 4335.

- Phuket Travel Company. Bangkok branchTel. 0 2435 5018, 0 2435 5034, Phuket branch Tel. 0 7622 2107-9 Phuket Bus Terminal Tel. 0 7621 1480.


No train service directly from Bangkok to Phuket. If you have to travel by train, arrive at the Surat Thani train station (Punpin district) and take the bus to Phuket, it is about four hour ride, please contact the State Railway of Thailand Tel. 1690, 0 2223 7010, 0 2223 7020, 0 2220 4334 or www.railway.co.th


There are non-stop fights leaving from Bangkok to Phuket daily. For more details and schedule please contact
1. Thai Airways Tel.: 1566, 0 2280 0060, 0 2628 2000, Phuket Office Tel. 0 7621 1195, 0 7621 2499 07621 2946 or www.thaiairways.com
2. Bangkok Airways Tel . 0 2265 5555 or www.bangkokair.com
3. Thai Air Asia Tel. 0 2515 9999 or www.airasia.com
4. One-Two Go Tel. 1126 or www.fly12go.com
5. Nok Air Tel. 1318 or หรือ www.nokair.co.th