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  • Learning Centre


    Learning Centre  is an office that provides support and services for education and research   
    There are 3 departments
    1. Library
    2. Information Technology
    3. Visual-audio


  • Library



    Library provides loan services for information resources to users both inside and outside Prince of Songkla University Phuket Campus . It also ensures the orderliness of the bookshelves, assist in the search for information resources as well as giving advice to users about how the use of information resources.

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  • Information Technology

    Information Technology is divided into three sections .
    1 . Laboratory and maintenance
    2. Development and Information Systems
    3. Engineering

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  • Student dormitory



    Student dormitory associated with the University. There are 3 dormitories.
    - Student dormitory 1,2 .
    - Student dormitory 3

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