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    History, Technology and Environment

           The Faculty of Technology and Environment, separates form Phuket Community College, established on April 19, 2005 under the Prince Songkhla University, Phuket campus. The main missions are committed to produce outstanding graduates and excellent research in area of Technology and Environment, to integrate existing knowledge to be the central source of new knowledge in order to react with the needs of local and national level, and to be well-known internationally and promote knowledge to be widely used in local and national level. In our faculty, we have qualified postgraduate lecturers and doctoral degree lecturers, and agile staffs with strong teamwork. We are also providing access to everyone, no matter what their background, who has potential to benefit from higher education with interesting degrees such as Information Technology, Electronic Business, Software Engineering, Computer Science (in conjunction with The Faculty of Science), Computer Engineering (in conjunction with The Faculty of Engineering), Environmental Geoinformatics, and Environmental Technology and Management. And the Animation and Multimedia course will be offered in the near future.
           In every course, we are focusing on equipping English skill to student. Around 30% of Computer related subjects are conducted in English (in both verbal and literal). Every graduated students will be ready for future career after finish their degree because every students in our faculty have to pass Industrial Training for at least 320 hours and high potential students will be selected for A program (Co-operative Education), which student will be and work as an employee in an organisation or company under supervision of the university. For the students who cannot fill in the A program, they will be selected for B program (industrial training) which have to pass the second Industrial Training for another 320 hours. This education approach will guarantee the high standard and quality of our graduated students to be top candidates for many related technology and software companies and organisations in both local and nationwide. The strong and specialise skill in IT, E-Business, Software Engineering and Environmental Management are highly required in local industrial at the moment after the government promote Phuket to be the city of Electronic Business and IT as in The Greater Phuket Digital Paradise Project. Although, the faculty emphasises working on outstandings academic research in many fields using new technologies for developing and managing natural recourses and environment in the Andaman coast region.

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    Produce graduate and research in information technology, environment and natural disaster to the standard that is recognized at an international level and for the benefits of local community



    1. To produce graduates with good morality, ethics and professional expertise.
    2. To produce research that is beneficial to the Andaman region, nation and international community.
    3. To be an academic center for information technology, environment and natural disaster.
    4. To promote and preserve local culture.