Short Courses


Black salmon: from floating basket to table

Embark on an immersive culinary journey. Dive into the world of black salmon, Sand crab, and Launaea beach, gaining in-depth knowledge through site visits and expert instruction. Engage with community enterprises embracing the Bio-Circular-Green Economy model, while acquiring practical skills in black salmon production.

Ecological Rehabilitation by Soft Coral

Learn the art of cultivating and propagating soft corals, nurturing them in hatcheries before transplanting them to the sea. Explore the biodiversity of ecosystems where soft corals thrive and discover the importance of community participation in conservation efforts. Enroll now to gain practical skills and deepen your understanding of these vital marine organisms.

Ecological-Based Tourism

Immerse yourself in the principles of ecological-based tourism with our captivating course. Discover the wonders of mangroves, artificial habitats, fishing, coral reefs, fisherman villages, and trekking as you engage in various activities in Phuket. Learn how to experience and promote sustainable tourism practices that protect the environment and support local communities. Join us on this enlightening journey and become an advocate for responsible travel.

Community-based Tourism

The course provides insights into principles and implementations in community-based tourism (CBT). Challenges in balancing the economic, environmental and social impacts of tourism are explored and discussed with the stakeholders in CBT. Students learn from observing and interacting with various communities that have applied CBT in their areas. Through site visits, students will learn to apply participatory approaches to conduct a SWOT analysis and develop strategic action plans for CBT development in a real setting. Site visits may be altered according to the weather,
including but not limited to Phuket Old Town, Kamala, Sustainable Mai Khao Foundation, Sufficiency Economy Learning Center, and Koh Yao Island.

Diving and Conservation in Phuket

Dive into a one-week program that combines marine discovery, exploration, and conservation. Experience the thrill of marine ecology studies through hands-on fieldwork, classroom sessions, offshore expeditions, and laboratory work. No prior experience is necessary as you embark on an exciting educational journey, gaining basic knowledge of Phuket’s marine resources. Discover the wonders beneath the waves and become an advocate for the preservation of our precious marine environments.

Freediving Program

Discover the art of freediving through our comprehensive certification course for beginners. Learn essential breathing techniques in the classroom and apply them in the water for a safe and exhilarating freediving experience. With a blend of classroom, pool, and open water sessions, you’ll build confidence and explore the vibrant coral reefs of Phuket Island. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the depths of the ocean.

Plant Tissue Culture

Unleash the potential of plant tissue culture through our comprehensive course. Explore the theory and applications of this cutting-edge technique, including the composition of culture media, environmental influences, and growth factors. Gain hands-on experience in method and medium preparation, sterilization techniques, and the use of instruments in plant tissue culture. Master the art of cultivating plants under sterile conditions and discover the effects of growth regulators. Expand your horizons in the fascinating field of plant biotechnology.

Beach and Bush Camping

Embark on a unique camping experience in Southern Thailand with our “Beach and Bush Camping” course. Immerse yourself in the stunning natural landscapes while learning Thai-style cooking techniques. Explore the physical characteristics, climate, and natural resources of Southern Thailand. Experience the thrill of using drones for geographic surveying, enhancing your outdoor skills while connecting with nature.

Production of Cultural Foods

Unlock the secrets of culinary traditions with “Production of Cultural Foods.” Delve into the world of cultural cuisine as you explore the history and preparation techniques of famous dishes. From Asian to Western delicacies, master the cooking skills associated with these cultural foods through practical labs and theoretical lectures. Immerse yourself in a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the rich diversity of global culinary heritage.

Achieving sustainability with blockchain solutions

Sustainability development is one of the most challenging problems facing us today. Most agree that aligning the incentives of all stakeholders and increasing participation in sustainability solutions are key success factors. Blockchain solutions have become a cost-effective way to achieve both
incentive alignment and increasing participation through decentralization. In this course, we will look at blockchain-based sustainability solutions, both existing and those that are yet to come. Pros/Cons of using blockchain for sustainable development will be discussed. Suitable conditions for when a
blockchain solution might be needed will be analyzed.